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Kento Nakajima Mention Yamada Ryosuke

Diposting oleh Dita di 22.11

Duet January 2011 Translation Nakajima Kento


 I made a man promise with Yamada (Ryosuke)-kun!
"Next time, let's go eat Yakiniku~" I said, and he answered "Yes. That's good ". However, it has been a half year since the promise, and it still hasn't happened... (tears).
Amelia: Oh come on Yamachan, don’t make Kento waiting for that.

Myojo October 2010 Translation Nakajima Kento

Inscription on hand:
Yamada Ryosuke-kun's words. When the drama we acted together in was ending, I cried because I was sad because I wouldn't be able to meet everyone again, "Always don't forget your original intention. If you don't forget that feeling, you can become a good actor for sure", he taught me.

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