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[Japan NEWS] CAST of Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo Special (2012)

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Stars from South Korea, Taiwan, and Hongkong will be starring in “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) -  Hongkong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case” where Hey!Say!JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke has been chosen to play the 4th generation Kindaichi Hajime.
In the latest live adaptation of this well-loved mystery series, the latest version will take Kindaichi to Hong Kong where his childhood friend Miyuki Nanase will be in a fashion show. However, series of murder happened, which will leads to the Kindaichi’s investigation.
Among the casts is Big-Bang‘s Seungri, who’ll play as a student from South Korea, working as a hotel employee where the fashion show will be held. Seungri will be included in the list of suspects; this will be Seungri’s 1st Japanese drama. Next is Taiwan/Hong Kong actress Vivian Hsu, who will act as the fashion designer, a key character in the case. It has been 11 yrs. since Hsu have worked for a Japanese drama since “Honke no Yome”. Furthermore, Former Farenheit member and Brunei-born Taiwanese actor Wu Zun (Wu Chun) will play as a Police Detective while Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang will play as the man who once ruled Kowloon known as “Emperor of Kowloon“. Lastly, joining Yamada from Japan is Kiritani Kenta, who will act as the fashion show’s promoter, and fellow HSJ member Arioka Daiki, who will play as the dependable Ryuji Saki (Saki Ryuta’s younger brother) who will be Kindaichi’s assistant.
Half of the drama will be shot in Hong Kong around mid-September and the rest will be in Japan.
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) -  Hongkong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case will be shown this Winter on NTV.

Full Credit: The Late's in Johnnys World
Hey! Say! JUMPの山田涼介くんが主演するテレ系スペシャルドラマ「金田一少年の事件簿 香港九龍財宝殺人事件」(今冬放送)の豪華共演者が発表されました。
台湾のスーパーアイドルグループ・飛輪海(フェイルンハイ)の元メンバーで「ブルネイ出身の貴公子」ウーズン、台湾の人気女優ビビアン・スー、韓国の人気グループBIG BANGの最年少メンバーV.I、香港を代表する名優にして名司会者でもあるエリック・ツァンらアジアスターが豪華共演!
また、日本からはHey! Say! JUMPの有岡大貴くんと俳優の桐谷健太さんの出演が決定。有岡大貴くんは、山田涼介くん演じる金田一一の頼れる後輩・佐木竜二役を演じます。
同 ドラマは、人気漫画「金田一少年の事件簿」が原作で、名探偵・金田一耕助を祖父に持つ高校生・金田一一(はじめ)が、祖父譲りの推理力で難事件を次々と解 決していく物語。今回の舞台は香港で、幼なじみの七瀬美雪が香港でファッションショーに出演することになり、金田一少年も一緒について行ったところ、連続 殺人事件に巻き込まれてしまいというストーリーが展開します。
スポーツ紙ほか:報知 / まんたんウェブ / 公式HP


Asia Star Cast & Luxury Daiki Arioka to "Kindaichi" Yamada Ryosuke version

Gorgeous costars "murder, Kowloon, Hong Kong treasure Kindaichi Case Files" special drama tele Ryosuke Yamada-kun Hey! Say! JUMP is starred (broadcast this winter) was announced.
The members VI youngest Uzun "noble-born Brunei" former member of the (Feirunhai), Vivian Hsu actress of Taiwan, the group BIG BANG popular in Korea, to actors representing the Hong Kong Fahrenheit super idol group in Taiwan Asian star Eric Tsang et al, which is also the name of the moderator is gorgeous co-star!
In addition, from Japan's appearance and actor Kiritani Kenta kun Daiki Arioka of Hey! Say! JUMP decision. Daiki Arioka kun plays the role of junior Ryuji Thurs Sa's dependable one who plays Kindaichi Yamada Ryosuke kun.
"Kindaichi Case Files" comic popular in the original, drama, the (early) one Kindaichi - high school students whose grandfather Kosuke Kindaichi, Detective, but the story will be solved one after another the Nanjiken in reasoning power of inheritance grandfather . Where you will be in Hong Kong, the childhood friend Miyuki Nanase has appeared in a fashion show in Hong Kong, was carried along with the Kindaichi boy, this stage is to expand the story ... that would have been involved in a serial murder case.
In addition to sports paper: HP Official Website / Mitan / broadcast

Credit: http://jnews1.com/archives/52564888.html


韓国の5人組グループ「BIGBANG」のV.I(21)が、山田涼介(19)主演の日テレ系スペシャルドラマ「金田一少年の事件簿 香港九龍財宝殺人事件」(今冬放送)で日本のドラマ初出演を飾る。香港のホテルでアルバイトする韓国人留学生役。歌だけでなく演技でも魅了する。また、台湾のタレント、ビビアン・スー(37)が11年ぶりに日本作品に出演。元「飛輪海(フェイルンハイ)」の俳優ウーズン(32)、香港の俳優エリック・ツァン(59)らアジアスターの豪華共演が実現する。
 日本語堪能なV.Iは、韓国ドラマの出演経験はあるが、日本ドラマの出演は初めて。香港のホテルで働く韓国からの留学生役で、殺人事件の犯人に疑 われるが、一に助けられる設定。「とても光栄でうれしく思う。漫画でもドラマでも有名な作品。国際色豊かでステキな方たちと一緒なので緊張しますが、全力 で頑張りたい」と意気込んだ。
 ビビアンは「本家のヨメ」(01年、岩下志麻主演)以来、11年ぶりの日本ドラマ出演。物語のキーパーソンになるファッションデザイナー役に「皆 で言葉の問題などを克服できる楽しい現場になると思う。私にとって初めてのサスペンス。緊張感のあるおもしろい作品だと思う」とコメントした。
 国の垣根を越え、今作のために顔をそろえたアジア俳優たち。撮影は香港を中心に行われ、現地ならではの激しいアクションシーンが満載という。同局 の櫨(はぜ)山裕子プロデューサーは「企画の斬新さ、脚本のおもしろさが国の壁を越え、快諾していただけた。皆さんエネルギッシュでやる気満々。パワーと なって作品にあふれ出ると思う」と自信をみせた。
 ◆有岡大貴、先輩なのに後輩 日本からは「Hey!Say!」の有岡大貴
(21)、桐谷健太(32)が出演 する。金田一の後輩役の有岡は「(堀越)高校時代の後輩の山田を『先輩』と呼ぶのは少し不思議な感じはしますが、推理の手助けができるよう撮影を楽しみに しています」。ファッションショーのプロモーター役の桐谷は「テンション、ガッツリ上げて日本の方以外の人にも『おっ!!』と感じてもらえるよう、一生懸 命、全力でぶちかまします」と意気込んだ。


Asia Star luxury co-starring in "Kindaichi Case Files"

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V. of the group "BIGBANG" Korean quintet "Murder, Kowloon, Hong Kong treasure Kindaichi Case Files" special drama tele-I (21) is decorated in a Japanese drama debut (broadcast this winter), starring Sun (19) Yamada Ryosuke. Korean students to work part-time role at the hotel in Hong Kong. Attract even acting as well as singing. In addition, the talent of Taiwan, Vivian Hsu (37) appeared to work for the first time in 11 years Japan. (32), to achieve co-star Asia Star luxury Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang et al (59) Uzun actor "Fahrenheit (Feirunhai)" original.
Yamada and to challenge the role of (early) Kindaichi one-fourth generation of the protagonist, played a co-starring the popular star luxury South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
The original, in a series of popular detective cartoon celebrated its 20th anniversary from the start of the series in "Weekly Shonen Magazine". In this work, also responsible for the TV drama script (50) himself Mr. Sei Maru tree of heaven authorship. To stage a fashion show in Hong Kong, one is the mystery of murders.
V. fluent Japanese I, the appearance of Korean dramas have experience, first appeared in the Japanese drama. In the role of a student from South Korea working in a hotel in Hong Kong, but suspected murderer, helped by one setting. I am enthusiastic, "but so nervous with his people in a nice cosmopolitan. Works by renowned comic drama. Glad you think so honored, I want to do my best in everything," said.
"Bride of the Bonga" Vivian (2001, starring Shima Iwashita) since, for the first time in 11 years starring in dramas Japan. I commented, "I think that it is interesting work with a sense of tension. Suspense for the first time It will be the scene of fun that can be overcome, such as language problems at all." For me, the role of fashion designer become a key person of the story.
Uzun former member "Fahrenheit" group guarding Taiwan Upon fashion show, appeared in the role of a police detective security conflict with one. In the role of a man who once dominated the Kowloon City has the nickname of "the emperor Kowloon", I decided appearances of Eric.
Asian actors beyond the boundaries of the country, align the face for this work. Shooting will take place in the heart of Hong Kong, and packed with intense action scenes unique to local. I think overflow work becomes. Power motivated and energetic people. The novelty of the project "producer Yuko mountain (goby) are goby of the agency, the fun of the script beyond the walls of the country, was able to embrace I was confident with. "
Japan from junior Daiki Arioka, though it is - Seniors (21), (32) Kenta Kiritani is Arioka Daiki appearance of "Hey Say!!". Arioka Kindaichi is the role of junior senior "Yamada of junior high school (Horikoshi)", "call it feels a little strange but, I'm looking forward to shooting so that you can help in reasoning." I am enthusiastic about "tension, but also to non-Japanese people raised Gattsuri" Kiriya is the role of the promoter of the fashion show "to give you a chance to feel, hard, Buchikamasu at best"! Whoa said.

Full Credit: http://hochi.yomiuri.co.jp/entertainment/news/20120902-OHT1T00023.htm

Daiki Arioka (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Eric Tsang
Kenta Kiritani (Disclaimer)
Seungri (Big Bang)
Wu Chun
Vivian Hsu


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